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Atelier Urody Tien, a beauty salon in Sopot, is a unique and alluring place. An atmosphere of enjoyment and safety. Individual and kind approach to a Customer, professional cosmetologists, perfection in every inch of the place… The best reviews!


Variety of services

Permanent makeup

Are you dreaming of a regular eyebrow shape? Are you fed up with brushing and tinting your eyebrows? Do you want to have sensuous lips that will draw men’s attention to you? Get your permanent makeup done and add some glamour to your face!

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Needle mesotherapy

It is the only and unquestionable therapeutic method that brings almost immediate results. A perfect way to prevent skin ageing and delay wrinkles. It is also a first step to improve the state and complexion of your skin, its rejuvenation and revitalisation.

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Platelet-rich plasma

“VAMPIRE LIFTING” Platelet-rich plasma
Platelet-rich plasma therapy is designed for people whose skin demands an intensive regeneration, natural products seekers or people with allergy to different products. It is an entirely natural method and a one that is 100% compatible with your body without the risk of intolerancy, alergy or other immunologic reactions.

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Corundum microdermabrasion

Corundum microdermabrasion extensively improves the complexion of yor skin, smooths it and removes discolorations and roughness. What is more, the treatment stimulates a natural growth of cells.

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Medical peeling

Medical peeling treatments are nowadays considered a good and non-invasive alternative that will allow you to maintain a healthy, aesthetic and ageing resistant skin. This is a reasonable solution not only when it comes to skin problems but also as far as preventing premature wrinkles production and delaying ageing processes is concerned.

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Cosmetology is not a contemporary invention at all. It evolved nearly 6,000 years ago along with the rise of civilisation. Cosmetology was a part of medical science for a long time however its purpose did not change since then. It did and still does contribute to nursing and beautifying facial skin and other parts of the body.

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Hand care

Your hands are your business card… A hand that is taken care of and beautiful nails are all parts of our beauty and femininity regardless of how old we are. Beautiful, long and healthy nails along with silky smooth skin is a every woman’s dream. Take care of your hands and nails all year long!

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Feet care

A care routine that will allow you to enjoy having beautiful feet all year long. Take care of your feet because you travel the world with them. The skin on your feet is vulnerable and highly innervated so any act of negligence causes ailments and it simply does not look appealing. It is certainly worth taking care of in order to have beautiful and healthy feet.

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Eyelash extensions

A gaze that every woman would like to cast… Eyelash extension is a fantastic solution for women that want to give their glance a touch of expressiveness and depth. The treatment extends, curls and intensifies the colour. A beautiful and sharply outlined eye decoration is a vital element of attractiveness – thick and long eyelashes add a touch of glamour to your face.

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Occasional makeup

Makeup has become an indispensable element of “wardrobe” for women that do care about their appearance. It is used on a daily basis and during special events that characterise the makeup in a unique way.

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The history of massages derives from India and China. It is a cradle of one of the oldest therapeutical treatments used as a natural curative method. In ancient times, a massage was connected to rituals, ceremonies and religion on both cultural and therapeutical levels. As the time progressed, it was also adapted as a popular treatment in traditional medicine.

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Extra treatments

Henna tinting is one of the fastest and most lasting methods of beautifying eye decoration. Henna was already known in the Bronze Age as a dye prepared from the leaves and sprouts of a flowering plant of the lawsonia genus (lawsonia inermis). Even today we use henna to dye eyelashes and eyebrows with it. Thanks to it, you can intensify your gaze and sharpen your facial lines. The effects of this treatment can last for ca. 2-3 weeks.

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I always feel special here – as if I was the most anticipated guest. The treatments are performed in a professional and relaxing manner and the final result always makes me go “WOW”!

Grażyna Szczepańska

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